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To Get a Job, You Need to Steal the Spotlight

Your diploma doesn’t come with a corner office. And while you were busy learning about matrices and management theories, you probably forgot to make some time for Getting a Job 101.

As a Career Coach with over 25 years in the recruitment industry, I’ve helped many students and new grads write attention-getting resumes, master interview questions and forge a career path that meets present and future needs. You can get general advice and find some great resources at your school’s Career Center, but these are the same resources being used by all your fellow graduates. If you really want to land a good position, you need to make job-hunting your full-time job. And you need to learn how best to discover your unique strengths and convey how your education, internships, work experience, and personal experiences make you the best candidate for the job.

My programs and resources could help you develop your self confidence, create an outstanding resume, ease your concerns about interviewing, develop and execute your job search strategy, and have a coach by your side the whole way through. There are several ways to work with me. You can choose the do it yourself program, the one to one coaching program or something in between. Each one provides access to my coaching club for added support, and shows you how to package yourself in way that makes you shine. After all, everyone wants to hire a star.

My system and program covers:

  • Resume preparation
  • Defining your individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Strategies for selling your strengths
  • Crafting your 30-second commercial
  • Job search strategy and execution
  • Networking
  • Interview preparation
  • First interview, second interview, even third and final offer
  • Debriefing after interviews
  • Negotiating the offer
  • A Coaching Club membership featuring access to teleseminars, webinars, and interview calls with hiring managers and previous students.
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Success Stories

-Jenna P. University of IndianaPrior to working with Ellyn, the thought of interviewing frightened me. I went on a few interviews without the knowledge and strength that Ellyn has now provided for me. After those interviews, I sought help in Ellyn who taught me everything I needed to know, not only in the art of interviewing, but also in networking with other professionals. After reading Ellyn's Book Job Interview Skills 101, and speaking with her countless times, my anxieties and fears faded away and I was ready to tackle all my interviews in a professional manner. Ellyn helped me figure out the qualities I posses, and how to portray those qualities to all my potential employers. I was taught how to successfully answer any question that came my way. Thanks to Ellyn Enisman, I excelled in all my interviews last year for internships, and am now employed at the internship I chose, because of the guidance and encouragement she provided for me. I would recommend Ellyn to any young professional seeking a job; she did wonders for me!
Matt-Matt, Marist College
Prior to meeting Ellyn I needed plenty of work on my resume as well as some brushing up on my interview skills. I felt that I was wandering in the dark with each interview I had been through in the past. I never knew what to expect or how to be prepared to respond to difficult questions. To me the interview process was the most nerve wrecking experience. As a military veteran I thought that I faced some of the toughest situations that life had to offer, never knowing that sitting face to face with a potential employer could be worse! Read more
James-James, Marist College
I went through Ellyn’s program and used her book to prepare a plan for attacking my job hunt head on. The tips listed here are excellent, but only scratch the surface of tools she gives you to prepare for the interview process. Using her system I learned more about myself, how I fit the jobs I was looking for, and even more importantly how the positions fit into what I wanted. After reading her book I landed an MBA internship which turned into a permanent position where I have been able to thrive. Not only do I now have a job, I have one I love. Read more
Hans-Hans, Gettysburg College
Ellyn provided insightful and comprehensive career counseling, and I would recommend her to any and all young professionals looking for assistance with their professional endeavors. Read more
Rebecca-Rebecca, Adelphi University
After college, I found the interview process very intimidating and difficult. Then I found Ellyn who fully prepared me for interviewing and provided me with a job search strategy. Her tools were unlike others I found in researching the internet. Read more
Francesca-Francesca, Georgetown University
I want to thank you for everything you have done for me this past year. Before I met you I was overwhelmed with graduating and wanting to find the “perfect” job. Read more
-Director of Career Services, St. Thomas Aquinas College
On behalf of the Career Services Office and the St. Thomas Aquinas College Community, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for sharing your valuable time with us and contributing to the continued success of our students. Read more
Joanna-Joanna, University of Pennsylvania
Ellyn not only coached me through the interview process, but also got me thinking about a career path, not just getting a job. I owe to her my first, second, and third jobs out of college. Read more
Allison-Allison, George Washington University
I don’t know if I would have gotten my job if it weren’t for Ellyn Enisman! The self assessment and discovery process she created helped me understand the value of my education, project work, internships, work experiences, and life experiences.Read more
AlishaAlisha, Northeastern University
Before my interview process began I contacted Ellyn to help revise my resume and take a professional look at the job offers that were available to me. She coached me about different careers that I might be interested in and the types of things that companies are looking for in candidates. Read more