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Dress the Part

September 5, 2012 by  
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So you’ve landed the interview for your dream job, with the celebrations aside – it’s time to prepare for the big day! Now you’re most likely an inch shy from being a nervous wreck and jitters are only natural. Still, with all those anxious feelings you cannot forget the lessons you have learned through Job Interview Skills 101.

In all the rush and excitement of preparing your defined responses to the key questions and making sure all you’re paperwork is in order; there is ONE huge aspect that many of us tend to let slip by! To some this may seem to be a very minute detail and until you read Ellyn’s book, I’m sure you may have been guilty of a few rules! (I know I was.)

But I am a big believer in showing up and showing up looking the part, is just as crucial as being on time!

First impressions are everything in life

Consider your interview as an audition for the lead role in a movie and you are the star!
On paper – your resume and portfolio will sell; your personality and charm will sell as well. But none of that can compare to your self esteem! If you look good, you will feel good and that is the total package!

Remember to keep professional but also remember to dress the part for the industry you will be interviewing with. You never want to be over the top, but you do not want to hide behind the seams of an ensemble that isn’t really you! Stay true to yourself and now that a company will not discriminate based upon your appearance. However it is much preferred your appearance not be a distraction or even worse, what you were remembered for!

Another phase of this process to keep in mind is head to toe maintenance for both males and females! Ask your mom, a friend or even ask the salesman! But you MUST have someone “proof read” your chosen ensemble and to answer any questions you might have. Upholding your personal sense of style is important to you, but also remember to keep along with the standards of what each industry requires. Some industries are very forgiving and will allow you to come in bold and making a statement; where others will prefer that you tone it down and keep the colors neutral or muted.

Remember that flashy is not always classy!  No matter the industry you will interview with, professionalism is the most imperative. You want to exude all aspects of confidence and appearance will be your starting point. It may be the easiest part of the interview process but success has to start somewhere! With a few helpful tips and reminders you should be well on your way to feeling like a million bucks and a few steps closer to your career!


Stephanie Badalamenti

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