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The Telephone Interview – 3 More Tips for The Million Dollar Call

September 19, 2012 by  
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Job Interview Skills 101What does it take to get the job? And what does the job mean to you, in dollars and cents? The bottom line is unknowable. Is it the annual salary you get just going from college to career? Is it the sum total of every job you ever have? The truth is, this is your million dollar opportunity – and a phone interview is often where it starts. Many companies will opt for a phone interview before meeting candidates face-to-face, so you must be prepared for this part of the process from the day you start your search. Ideally, a few sessions with a great Interview Coach will prepare you better than anything else. But here are 3 quick tips to help you get a good start, just in case an opportunity comes up on day 1 of your search.

#1. Have your 30-second commercial fully prepared, as well as your strengths and weaknesses. Then, put a mirror on the wall in front of you or on the desk so you can see yourself during the interview. SMILE!  Believe me, people can hear a smile through the telephone – and no one wants to hire someone who doesn’t have a great attitude.

 #2. If you are nervous, walk around with the phone to your ear. This will help to release some nervous energy. One of my most nervous coaching clients used a headset and paced around her office during the interview. She said that this helped her concentrate and released her nervous energy so it did not come through her voice on the phone.

#3. Practice, practice, practice!  Nothing takes the place of a great Interview Coach, but practicing interviewing over the telephone with your friends and family is at least a starting point. Set up a time and ask them to comment on your voice and speech qualities as you answer mock questions you provide them beforehand. Why not record the interview and play it back for yourself? You can use a web-based service to accomplish this easily, like

A word of caution: Be 100% sure you keep a list of the names and titles of everyone you speak with. You need to send a thank you to each one of them. If you don’t want to ask a potential employer how to spell his or her name, call back and ask the receptionist for the correct spelling. Before you hang up, ask about the next step in the process.


(For more information on this, please see questions to ask the employer in my book, Job Interview Skills 101).


Ellyn Small Enisman, LCSW, Certified Coach
Interview Coach
Author of the highly acclaimed book,Job Interview Skills 101

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