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Interview Coaching

The Answer to Interview Questions and Answers

A successful interview does not involve memorizing typical answers to possible interview questions you found on the Internet or at Career Services. A successful interview happens when you get to know yourself and the strengths you’ve built from past experiences and studies.

I’ve developed a Self-Discovery Assessment that can help you delineate your strengths and backup your assertions with examples drawn from your own experiences. When you go through my program, you’ll create a minimum of 7 to stories you can use to give smart, well thought-out answers that are genuine and unique to you. Most importantly, you’ll be able to skillfully navigate the interview process and make a memorable impression. The only surprise you’ll get is how well you do.

My Self-Discovery Assessment can help you master:

  • Behavioral Interviews
  • Tag Team Interviews
  • Group Interviews
  • Panel Interviews
  • Case Interviews
  • Telephone Interviews
  • Virtual/Video Interview

You’ll have great answers to:

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • What are your strengths?
  • What are your weaknesses?
  • Tell me about a time when…
  • Why should I hire you?
  • What salary are you looking for?
  • And More……………………
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