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For Parents

That expensive degree will get them everywhere, if they know how to use it.

Landing a job takes more than an impressive transcript from an admirable school. Recent grads and students are competing for a small number of positions and internships. To succeed they need a stellar resume, practiced interviewing skills, confidence in how their education, internships, work experience, and personal experiences make them a great candidate— things their education probably didn’t teach them.

For the past 25 years, I’ve been helping college graduates to successfully transition from amazing student to desirable job candidate. Together we discover their unique attributes, relate them to their dream job and learn how to strategically convey those attributes through memorable and genuine past experiences in an interview setting. This is not always an intuitive process. The general advice found on the Internet includes the same tips everyone’s getting. And helping your own child can be frustrating and difficult because of the emotions involved. As an experienced and objective source, I can give students and new grads the confidence they need to stand out as individuals, and standing out is what will secure that prized job.

I have a long list of happy former students, and parents, too.

– Larry P.

Ellyn, Thank you for the career guidance that you have provided to my daughter, Jenna. Your consulting provided Jenna with the skills and confidence to get a great job with AIG. While Jenna certainly benefited from your guidance with resumes, cover letters, and interviewing prep, she just as importantly learned important career management skills that she will use the rest of her life. Colleges do not seem to provide these skills but fortunately Jenna was able to benefit from your career development program. Jenna looks forward to working with you on onboarding as she prepares to begin her new job. Many thanks!

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