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-Jenna P. – University of Indiana
Prior to working with Ellyn, the thought of interviewing frightened me. I went on a few interviews without the knowledge and strength that Ellyn has now provided for me. After those interviews, I sought help in Ellyn who taught me everything I needed to know, not only in the art of interviewing, but also in networking with other professionals. After reading Ellyn’s Book Job Interview Skills 101, and speaking with her countless times, my anxieties and fears faded away and I was ready to tackle all my interviews in a professional manner. Ellyn helped me figure out the qualities I posses, and how to portray those qualities to all my potential employers. I was taught how to successfully answer any question that came my way. Thanks to Ellyn Enisman, I excelled in all my interviews last year for internships, and am now employed at the internship I chose, because of the guidance and encouragement she provided for me. I would recommend Ellyn to any young professional seeking a job; she did wonders for me!

– Larry P.

Ellyn, Thank you for the career guidance that you have provided to my daughter, Jenna. Your consulting provided Jenna with the skills and confidence to get a great job with AIG. While Jenna certainly benefited from your guidance with resumes, cover letters, and interviewing prep, she just as importantly learned important career management skills that she will use the rest of her life. Colleges do not seem to provide these skills but fortunately Jenna was able to benefit from your career development program. Jenna looks forward to working with you on onboarding as she prepares to begin her new job. Many thanks!

Matt-Matt, Marist College
Prior to meeting Ellyn I needed plenty of work on my resume as well as some brushing up on my interview skills. I felt that I was wandering in the dark with each interview I had been through in the past. I never knew what to expect or how to be prepared to respond to difficult questions. To me the interview process was the most nerve wrecking experience. As a military veteran I thought that I faced some of the toughest situations that life had to offer, never knowing that sitting face to face with a potential employer could be worse!

The combination of reading Ellyn’s book and receiving her mentorship allowed me the opportunity to overcome my fears and actually look forward to interviews. She helped me understand many things that I had been previously been uncertain of, including answering tough questions, asking questions, presenting myself in a professional manner, dress attire, following up after an interview, and many other aspects. Her guidance has helped me to secure a position as a business consultant where I work with companies to help generate more revenue and succeed for the long term. These companies rely on my guidance just as I had once relied on Ellyn’s. I highly recommend her to any individual wishing to improve their confidence and those simply seeking to step up to a higher level of achievement.

James-James, Marist College
I went through Ellyn’s program and used her book to prepare a plan for attacking my job hunt head on. The tips listed here are excellent, but only scratch the surface of tools she gives you to prepare for the interview process. Using her system I learned more about myself, how I fit the jobs I was looking for, and even more importantly how the positions fit into what I wanted. After reading her book I landed an MBA internship which turned into a permanent position where I have been able to thrive. Not only do I now have a job, I have one I love.

Hans-Hans, Gettysburg College
I have worked with Ellyn continually since graduating from College. My experience with her has been extraordinarily positive. Following my undergraduate studies, she was instrumental in assisting me with choosing a career path and obtaining the job of my choice. Together, Ellyn and I formulated both short and long-term career goals. We then worked collaboratively to transform my resume from mediocre to professional and flawless. Later, when I was offered two positions simultaneously, Ellyn pragmatically guided me to accepting my current position. The decision was clearly the correct one, because it has been an amazing learning experience and opened the doors to the long-term goals, which Ellyn and I set early on. Ellyn provided insightful and comprehensive career counseling, and I would recommend her to any and all young professionals looking for assistance with their professional endeavors.

Rebecca-Rebecca, Adelphi University
After college, I found the interview process very intimidating and difficlut. Then I found Ellyn who fully prepared me for interviewing and provided me with a job search strategy. Her tools were unlike others I found in researching the internet. These tools helped me answer every interview question I got with detailed answers based on my own experiences and her program gave me interview confidence. Panel interviews were an integral part of my job search and were the most intimidating for me. Ellyn’s self assessment and discovery process helped me realize how much knowledge, skill, and ability I had. It also helped me to identify which of my experiences to discuss in an interview and how to use them to demonstrate what the company was looking for. As a result I was able to stand out at a level above my peers and was offered several positions. I love my job. Working with Ellyn was worth the investment.

Francesca-Francesca, Georgetown University
I want to thank you for everything you have done for me this past year. Before I met you I was overwhelmed with graduating and wanting to find the “perfect” job. You calmed me down and guided me through probably the scariest time of my life. Not only did you help me know what to say in interviews, but more importantly you helped me learn a lot about myself and helped build my confidence. You taught me things I will carry with me forever. Now I have a Management Consulting position to look forward to which offers me so many of the things I am looking for in a career! And I thank you for allowing me to realize what I wanted and for giving me the guidance and support I needed to get it. I can’t thank you enough!

-Director of Career Services, St. Thomas Aquinas College
On behalf of the Career Services Office and the St. Thomas Aquinas College Community, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for sharing your valuable time with us and contributing to the continued success of our students. The students benefited tremendously from your workshop presentation on preparing for the Job Market.

Your expert advice, thoughtful questions, and openness allowed the students to gain insight and information about their skills that they can integrate as they prepare for their future careers. The students walked away from the program with a renewed sense of purpose and many new ideas.

Thank you for empowering the students with your feedback and expert knowledge. I hope you will be able to join us again.

J. L.-Joanna, University of Pennsylvania
When I first graduated college in August of 2005, I thought I had it made. I had an Ivy League education and several prestigious internships under my belt. I didn’t know what exactly I wanted to do with my life, but I thought I was definitely ready to start going on interviews to start making money. After a month or two of going on interview after interview, I wondered why no one ever returned my follow up calls or emails. I had to be doing something wrong.

Finally, I got in contact with Ellyn Enisman. In our few sessions, Ellyn coached me on the do’s and don’ts of the interview process, questions to ask a potential employer in an interview, and even how to dress for an interview. She also taught me how to play to my strengths when speaking about myself, and the results were immediate. From then on, every interview I went on, I received second and third round interviews. Instead of worrying whether a company liked me, I was able to decide if I liked them! Ellyn not only coached me through the interview process, but also got me thinking about a career path, not just getting a job. Working with Ellyn is absolutely an eye-opener into the world of employment, and I owe to her my first, second, and third jobs out of college.

A. P.-Allison, George Washington University
I don’t know if I would have gotten my job if it weren’t for Ellyn Enisman!

When graduating from college, I didn’t even know how to search for a job, didn’t know what I wanted to do in a career, and certainly did not feel confident about interviewing. I researched the internet, read every article I could find on interviewing, resume preparation, and job search.

All the information was generic. The articles were all the same giving the same advice over and over. Ellyn did not do that. The self assessment and discovery process she created helped me understand the value of my education, project work, internships, work experiences, and life experiences. Through my work with her, I was able answer any interview question using examples to back them up. Her coaching also helped me decide on a career in Human Resources and get the job I really wanted.

Alisha, Northeastern University
Ellyn is a professional in her field and has very good insight as to what exactly companies are looking for.

At Northeastern you are required to do 6 month internships that give you opportunities to try different fields before graduating. These coops can also act as a first look into getting a job offer after college. Before my interview process began I contacted Ellyn to help revise my resume and take a professional look at the job offers that were available to me. She coached me about different careers that I might be interested in and the types of things that companies are looking for in candidates.

When we first met she thoroughly interviewed me about every area of my resume, the types of things I was interested in, and what kind of career I could see myself entering. Boy was she helpful! She helped me define my knowledge, skills, and abilities. She identified attributes that I didn’t even know I had. After that I narrowed down my internship opportunities and we went through my resume to make sure that all of my experiences were properly displayed so that it highlighted my strong skills.

Working with Ellyn gave me the confidence to apply for an internship in the FMP program at General Electric. This job was highly sought after and I was interviewing against 3rd and 4th year college students who had already had real work experience. In order to prepare for this interview, we did many practice questions and it was extremely helpful because she brought to my attention questions that I would not have been prepared for had I just gone straight into my interview. In the end I got the internship opportunity! I could not have done it without Ellyn’s help!

Not only did Ellyn talk to me as a mentor, she also was very helpful in suggesting many different career options that might suit my interests, knowledge, and skills.

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