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Busting the BS of the Job Search and Interview – Part One

August 2, 2012 by  
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This Guest Post was written by Heather Markel, Chief BullBusting Officer (CBO) of The BullBuster Café and The BullBuster Boardroom.

As The BullBuster, it is my mission to help people bust through their BS to better their lives.  When it comes to job searching and interviewing, I think there’s a lot of BS we believe or use to describe our search.  This leads to a low volume of booked interviews and low hiring rates.  If you want to get a response to the resumes you are sending out and land the job, then it’s time to empower yourself with the truth.  Here are two top areas where BS is holding you back and the strategies you need to implement to take you forward:

#1. THE BS – You’ve sent out “tons” of resumes and no one is responding.

The Truth – You’ve sent out 10 – 20 resumes over the last month.

The Reality – You have a lot of competition, so you won’t get a response to the majority of the resumes and cover letters you send out.  In this case, “tons” should be measured by day, not week, and not month.  When you’re out to market yourself, assume you’ll get about 2 – 5 responses per 100 resumes you send out.  If you do better, that’s fantastic, but with this expectation, you can begin to understand what “tons” really means!

The Strategy – Send out a minimum of 5 – 10 resumes a day, over a one month period, and you might actually get a couple of responses.

#2. THE BS – You really have sent out 100 resumes in the last week or month and can’t understand why no one is responding.

The Truth – You’ve used the same strategy with every resume – you go to a company’s website and submit your resume via their online resume submission service, or you send your resume to the HR Department.

The Reality – You’ve just sent all your resumes to someone else’s garbage can.  With the job market being this tight, the two strategies above make it easy for an employer to weed out lazy people they don’t want to hire from the cream of the crop.  You should NEVER submit your resume online unless you can answer this question, “What is the first and last name, and telephone number of the person who will receive my resume once I click the Submit button?”

The Strategy – Use the company’s website to track down the hiring manager for the job you want to apply for.  If you can’t find a name, then find the headquarters location, call the main number, and ask for the contact information of the hiring manager for the position you want.  Ideally, get their email and email them your resume directly. Then follow up within one week with another email asking if you can set up an appointment.

Heather Markel is the Chief BullBusting Officer (CBO) of The BullBuster Café and The BullBuster Boardroom.  You can learn more about her, and BullBusting strategies at


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